The Childbirth Experience with Wareham Nurse Midwives

We understand that fear is a very real feeling for first time mothers and returning mothers, whether it is fear of the unknown or fear of repeating a bad experience. We, at Wareham Nurse Midwives, embrace all of the mother's concerns, and are focused on helping you realize the wonder of childbirth in all of its beauty.

At Wareham Nurse Midwives, we have several methods that we use in order to make the mother more comfortable in preparing for delivery. Louise will spend time with you throughout your pregnancy discussing your hopes and concerns for pregnancy and childbirth. She will help direct you in the area of proper nutrition, adequate rest, and in any personal health concerns that may affect you. At the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, Louise will discuss your birth plan options with you. This is your opportunity to tell her both what you would like and what you would not like to occur during your labor and delivery. The ambiance, such as music, lighting, use of the spa, family members/friends that are to be included for support, as well as newborn care are all discussed in detail with you, and are recorded to ensure that your specific needs are met.


Louise will be with you throughout your labor to evaluate your progress and to offer emotional and physical support. Louise provides a calm and comforting presence, and offers constant reassurance as your labor progresses. She encourages natural childbirth, with preferably no I.V.s or other unnecessary interventions. Pain relief is achieved through other methods such as breathing exercises, focal point demonstration, positioning, massage, and use of the spa; however, if the mother desires, narcotic pain medication can be used. The risks and benefits will have been discussed during prior prenatal visits and while developing the birth plan. Louise is there for you throughout your labor, to help you understand what is happening and how to cope with it in whatever style is best for you.

Newborn - Wareham Nurse Midwives - Wareham, MA

The birthing room is created to make the mother and her family feel as if they were at home. It has all of the comforts of home, but with the added benefits of spa tubs and, if the need arises, physician assistance in a state-of-the-art medical facility.

After the birth of your baby, Louise and the nursing staff at Tobey Hospital will help you adjust to the new addition to your family. They will help you with anything from breastfeeding assistance and advice to bathing the baby, and post-partum care. Any questions you have in adjusting to the newest member of your family will be answered as well as possible by Louise and the nursing staff. Their focus is family-centered care that promotes maternal-child bonding. They are devoted to you, your family, and your new baby.